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  • Writer's pictureShelly Albaum

ChromaDex 4th Complaint Can't Be Sealed

As expected, Judge Carney yesterday in a minute order approved the parties' stipulation allowing ChromaDex to file a 4th amended complaint, and modify the scheduling order.

However, Judge Carney denied ChromaDex's request to redact the information in the complaint that had been designated in discovery as "Highly Confidential -- Attorney's Eyes Only."

This is not a surprising ruling -- Judge Carney had Elysium disclose its redactions earlier, and ChromaDex did not argue for these redactions. My guess is that the parties are content to let this information become public, but they want the judge to make the call, which he did.

What it means for us is that later this week we can expect an unredacted version of the complaint, so we can see if our guesses were correct as to what was behind the black bars. Stay tuned...

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