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Shelly Albaum


I studied Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz, and Law at UCLA. I practiced for a year, and ever since then have been in the legal publishing business, holding senior executive positions at Thomson West, Oxford University Press, and Courtroom Connect.

In my spare time I sing in a barbershop quartet and watch birds.


This blog started out as a writing project, but in the summer of 2016 I got interested in ChromaDex's Tru Niagen, because it significantly improved my health and the health of some of my family members, and then I got distracted by the ChromaDex/Elysium litigation, which has been an education -- both legally and scientifically.

Now, more than three years later, I spend a fair amount of time studying the biochemistry of longevity.


Although I was originally a customer of Elysium's, and I referred my friends to Elysium, I don't do that any more. You can read about my distaste for Elysium Health, and why I insist that all my friends and family over 50 take Tru Niagen, which is now a best seller on amazon, although you might do better purchasing directly from ChromaDex, the only licensed manufacturer.

I am grateful to everyone who has dropped by to read the blog, and especially grateful for the many professional scientists who have taken the time to offer corrections and improvements to my attempts to describe the biochemistry of NAD replenishment.

All opinions are my own. No one tells me what to write, no one pays me to write, and I do not accept any placed content.


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