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  • Writer's pictureShelly Albaum

Venable Weighs In for Grace

Venable weighed in today for W.R. Grace in Delaware, filing pro hac vice motions that will allow a bunch of New York attorneys to appear in a Delaware court. It's a murderer's row of patent litigators, plus an associate along for the ride who will be learning the ropes of pharmaceutical patent litigation:

We already met last week Daniel O'Brien, who is Venable's local counsel:

Because he is just local counsel, Mr. O'Brien won't be quarterbacking or managing the case; he'll just be the attorney filing the actual documents and joining in any court appearances. He is not a patent litigator (although, as I quipped last week, his bankruptcy experience might yet prove relevant).

Eventually some law firm will appear on Elysium's behalf. Elysium has three weeks to answer, I believe, just two remaining.

And when they do, I predict we'll see a bullshit motion to dismiss.

It will be fun to see how Venable handles that. We will compare and contrast Venable's response with what we saw from Covington and Burling.

We're in the big leagues; might as well learn from the best.

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