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Someone Call the Court Clerk?

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

We have a public records access problem.

On February 4th, Baker Hostetler moved with withdraw as Elysium's counsel in the Southern District of New York based on affidavits that they filed under seal:

Along with the sealed affidavits, Elysium filed a request for permission to seal the affidavits. Ten days later, on February 14, Judge Liman DENIED the request for permission motion to seal the affidavits:

Here are the five affidavits in question:

These should have been unsealed two weeks ago when the Court denied the motion to seal. But when I attempt to view these improperly sealed documents, I just get an error message:

I do not think I need anyone's permission to view the document, because there is no legal basis for its being made inaccessible.

Alas, the court's order denying Elysium's motion to seal was not self-executing.

Who do we have to contact at the SDNY to get access to these public records that were improperly filed under seal?

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