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Briefs in Opposition to Summary Judgment

Here comes another 50 pages of Briefing and 100+ more exhibits to make sense of! ChromaDex does not think Elysium's Motion for Summary Judgment (MSJ) should be granted, and Elysium does not think ChromaDex's MSJ should be granted. The standard is whether each side's evidence to prove their claims (or refute their opponent's claims) is strong enough to get to a jury. If the resolution could turn on a material issue of fact that is disputed, then the jury will have to decide.

You can read the briefs in opposition here:

ChromaDex's Exhibits

Elysium's Exhibits

Apparently PACER allows larger document uploads than Wix does, so I'll try to find a way to get these larger documents uploaded. My PACER bill this quarter is running well into the hundreds of dollars, so special thanks to everybody who is clicking through my sponsorship links to find great products at amazon and Tru Niagen!

Reply Briefs are coming Wednesday.

We'll take a closer look at these Opposition Briefs over the weekend and see if they change the equation.

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