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  • Writer's pictureShelly Albaum

ChromaDex Adds a Heavy Hitter in CA

ChromaDex today added a new attorney to the litigation team in California: Mitch Kamin.

Mitch Kamin is a partner at Covington & Burling, and co-chair of the firm's Commercial Litigation Practice Group. He is highly distinguished: Harvard law school, formerly with O'Melveny, and Managing Partner at Bird Marella, with 10+ years a SuperLawyer, and recently named among the top 100 lawyers in California. At Bird Marella he specialized in white collar defense. Things like...fraud?

Until now, Cooley has been going it alone in California, but Covington & Burling now contributes additional depth and breadth.

It is a fair guess that ChromaDex has noticed that top-notch lawyering is effective against blow-hard lawyering, and so they are doubling down on quality. A good call, I think.

Covington & Burling is handling the patent infringement action in Delaware, so it would at first appear that ChromaDex is leveraging Covington's familiarity with the case, and especially with respect to Elysium's fictional Patent Misuse claim. However, although Mitch has extensive intellectual property credentials, it is mostly in trademark and copyright. Still, he could, as local counsel, at least make it easier for the Patent team in Delaware (including Haley Giuliano) to speak in California. Or maybe instead his focus will be on the alleged white collar misdeeds of Elysium's management.

We shall see.

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