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  • Writer's pictureShelly Albaum

Trial Delay Proposed in CA

ChromaDex and Elysium have filed a joint stipulation to request that the court modify the scheduling order to postpone the discovery cutoff to April 5, and the trial to July 9. You can read the Proposal here:

The parties note that the case schedule was extended by 90 days after Elysium's Third Amended Counterclaims, and again after ChromaDex's Fourth Amended Complaint.

So now that ChromaDex has requested to file a Fifth Amended Complaint adding new claims and a new defendant, good cause exists for the extension to allow additional discovery.

I would imagine that the request for an extension will be granted.

The Joint Stipulation is signed by Cooley's Barrett Anderson and Baker Hostetler's Kristin Keranen, instead of the partners, which I think tells us who is doing the day-to-day quarterbacking for each firm.

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