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  • Writer's pictureShelly Albaum

NAD Replenishment: The Long Game

I wanted to flag these interesting quotes from the Q&A portion of David Sinclair's recent lecture. One reason I'm not as concerned about the patents in 2025 is because I think by then the playing field will have moved.

Dr. Sinclair is describing where the playing field is going to be (or, perhaps if Dr. Sinclair has significant resources from the sale of Sirtris and is an investor in Elysium, where he intends to move the playing field):

(1) to NMN, (2) to targeted applications, and (3) to pharmaceuticals:

01:07:36 -- "There are very serious talks with this government and with the FDA about having a drug available to the American public that could be prescribed to ward off the effects of aging...

01:10:00 -- "Part of the drug development program at my company, and at others, is to deliver the molecules where they are needed most...NMN is just the beginning of many different molecules. We have had a group of chemists out in Western Massachusetts been working for five years to make hundreds of different varieties of NMN. Some are targeted to the muscles, some to the heart, some to the brain. So we can use chemistry to do that. There is also nanotechnology, where you can inhale molecules that will just get into the lung and treat the lung only. Same for the brain, same for skin. So that's actually an area of great interest, because if you want to avoid toxicity you want to get it to just where it's needed and nowhere else. Though consider this. This is not a typical group of medicines, because it might treat your lung disease or your alzheimers or prevent cancer, but as a side effect what we think is going to happen is that you'll be protected against all the other diseases as well, so would you really want it to only hit one of your organs, or would you want it throughout your body to not just protect one organ but to protect all of them at once. So we're working on all those different aspects -- some throughout the body with a pill or an injection, and some that are just local delivery even in the eye, we think, can be possible, or inhaled." (emphasis added)

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