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Discovery Dispute -- "Alternative Source" Issue

A side show in the Elysium-ChromaDex litigation is an ongoing Discovery dispute in the Southern District of California.

Magistrate Judge McCormick's order on November 8, directing the parties to get their act together, was sufficient to get most of the issues resolved.

However, one significant issue remains, which is whether Elysium must reveal in Discovery information related to where Elysium is getting its Mystery Nicotinamide Riboside, which the parties refer to as the "Alternative Source" issue.

ChromaDex's brief on the issue is due this Monday December 4, and Elysium's response on Friday December 8, and then Magistrate Judge McCormick will decide the matter at a hearing on Wednesday December 13.

You can read here Magistrate Judge McCormick's order setting the briefing schedule and the parties' joint stipulation identifying points of agreement and the remaining issue in contention:

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