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  • Writer's pictureShelly Albaum

GRAS versus NDIN

Hank Schultz at has been covering the ChromaDex-Elysium dispute, too, and his coverage is better than mine, because unlike me, he actually knows something about the FDA regulatory process.

I would recommend to you his recent articles:


Schultz draws some of the same conclusions that I do, such as that Elysium is not going to apologize for its toluene and that the FDA is not going to act on ChromaDex's petition, but NutraIngredientsUSA supports these conclusions with quotes from Elysium and from an attorney who is an expert in GRAS and NDIN.

Most helpful, NutraIngredients explains the differences between GRAS and NDIN -- GRAS is supposed to reflect a higher standard of proof and is for food ingredients, so you can safely eat as much as you want, and no NDIN is necessary, whereas NDIN is for supplement ingredients and requires a slightly lower standard of proof, but is still a rigorous process.

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