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Sebastopol City Council Meeting Minutes -- New Searchable Archive

Sebastopol publishes its city council minutes as non-searchable PDF images. I'm not sure whether the City Council is actively trying to decrease government transparency, or whether they are not tech-savvy enough to know how to make their PDFs searchable. (This is, of course, the same city that refused to implement municipal wifi because of the scary radiation).

Regardless of why, until now you'd have to read all 30-40 pages per meeting to know if your issue was mentioned -- about 600 pages per year.

So I OCR'd the minutes, which is better than nothing, and hopefully Google will index them so that we have a high-quality search. Absent that, you can download these searchable PDFs. to more quickly track city issues you care about.


Sebastopol City Council Minutes



Tinfoil Hat technophobe computer illiterate Sebastopolian

Sebastopol's other boards and commissions seem able to create a searchable PDF, but because those are scattered somewhat haphazardly on the city's website, they are presented here for convenience:

Sebastopol Planning Commission

Joint Meetings of the Sebastopol City Council and Planning Commission

Sebastopol Design Review Board

Sebastopol Tree Board

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