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Cookie Coaster Crunch

Most Coldstone servers have forgotten how to make

Cookie Coaster Crunch -- But you can tell them how:

Sweet Cream + Oreos + M&Ms + Fudge + crushed Sugar Cone

The Sorry History of Cookie Coaster Crunch

On December 12, 2006, Six Flags and Coldstone announced "a multi-year strategic relationship under which Cold Stone Creamery will become a Six Flags Corporate Alliance Partner, Six Flags will open and operate Cold Stone Creamery locations in its branded parks, and the companies will collaborate on innovative marketing and promotional initiatives both in-park and at participating Cold Stone Creamery locations around the country, including a special Cold Stone Creamery ice cream Creation ™ named for Six Flags."

That special creation turned out to be Cookie Coaster Crunch.

The announcement was part of a turnaround plan for Six Flags, which had been struggling financially In January 2006, Six Flags President & CEO Mark Shapiro initiated "a challenging journey of recovery and discovery" because the Six Flags "brand needed a makeover."

That makeover was powered by a blitz of co-branding initiatives extending far beyond ice cream. Six Flags would "create relationships with well-known and highly respected brands," including:

  • A multi-brand partnership with several Kraft Foods Inc. brands – including Oscar Mayer Lunchables, Nabisco CornNuts and 100 Calorie Oreo Thin Crisps. Lunchables will launch the “Thrillable, Chillable Summer” national promotion, featuring Six Flags branding and a free one-day child’s admission offer (with a paid adult ticket) on more than 60 million packages.

  • Three more Johnny Rockets restaurants – now with sixteen total outlets, including a new free-standing restaurant at The SF Great Escape Lodge. Johnny Rockets and Six Flags will continue to collaborate on marketing and promotional initiatives.

  • Tyson Chicken is now the Official Chicken Supplier at all Six Flags parks.

  • Papa John’s Pizza – our official pizza – continues to provide the company with high marketing value through in-store promotions, on-line advertising and coupons.

  • New Cold Stone Creamery locations are opening at our St. Louis and Lake George parks while Chicago, Dallas, New Jersey and New England will each open a second outlet. All stores will feature “Six Flags Cookie Coaster Crunch” and other custom Cold Stone creations.

  • Nintendo of America will continue to feature and operate the Nintendo Wii Experience in several of our parks across the country.

  • Schwarzkopf & Henkel has signed on to be the official presenter of a number of Six Flags special events in 2008.

  • The got2b trend styling brand will present the STARBURST® Thursday Night Concert Series,

  • The L.A. Looks absolute styling brand will 4 present the Six Flags Festival Latino at various parks. At SF America in Washington DC, Smooth ‘N Shine hair polishing will present WSBC’s (World Street Ball Championships) regional, semi-final and championship games.

  • Kodak continues to expand Six Flags’ in-park photography. Kodak will provide ride photography at The Dark Knight, Goliath and Evel Knievel locations with a multi-million dollar investment in new capital.

  • Other alliances include American Express, Blue Green, Chase, Sara Lee, Panda Express and the United States Army. More major national brands are in negotiation.

Despite the official chicken and the official pizza, and despite Six Flags Cookie Coaster Crunch, in June 2009, Six Flags filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition, and Cookie Coaster Crunch was no more.

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