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First Time Cruiser's Ultimate Guide Header -- Chapter 8


Princess sells laundry, press, and dry cleaning services for an exhoribtant fee of a few dollars per piece (unless you are an Elite cruiser or in a Suite, in which case laundry is free), and they promise to get your clothes back to you in 48 hours, unless you pay extra for one-day service, but the actual speed depends on how many other Elite cruisers are on board.

But there are self-service laundromats, too -- one on every floor from Decks 8-14. On most of the decks the laundromat is at the stern, somewhere between staterooms 600 and 700, except for Deck 10, where the laundromat is closer to stateroom 310.

Each laundromat has two washers, two dryers, and an iron. The iron is permanently attached to the wall.

The cost is $3 for a wash, $3 for a dry, and $1.50 for detergent.  It could make sense to travel with a few detergent balls, for convenience as well as expense.


We found the washers to be effective, and the dryers to be very powerful -- our clothes were always dry before the end of the 40-minute cycle, even when not on "HIGH."


However, the token machine was broken on Deck 14, so we raided Deck 12 for tokens. Also, the soap machines did not dispense detergent on any floors, only bleach, so you had to go to guest services to purchase laundry soap. That kind of traipsing around was too much inconvenience, but maybe Princess will fix their systems in the future.

Two machines per floor is not enough for the number of passengers, especially on Sea Days when everyone decides to do laundry, but we never had to wait too long or look too hard for a machine.

1. Embarcation

2. The State Room

3. Getting Around the Ship

4. Dining

  • The Horizon Buffet

  • The Dining Halls

  • Specialty Dining

  • Beverages

5. Excursions

6. Entertainment

7. Tendering

8. Laundry

9. The Scams

  • Fine Art Auction

  • The Spa

  • Shopping

  • The Casino

  • Photography

10. Disembarking

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Washer-Dryer laundry machines in the self-serve laundromat aboard the Crown Princess

Dryer, Washer, Dryer, Washer. One token per cycle.

Ironing board and iron in the self-service laundry aboard the Crown Princess

No ironing in the staterooms, but no charge for using this iron.

Ultra-Fast Drying Travel Underwear

Self-service laundry pricing on the Crown Prncess-- $3 per load
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40-minute cycle time, $3/cycle, head to guest services in the Piazza on Deck 6 if you want to buy laundry soap instead of bleach & softener. 


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